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Global Tax Sweden offers qualified and proactive tax advice to individuals and entrepreneurs where we usually take an active role in our clients' business decisions.

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Advisory Services

1. National tax advice

• The closely held rules

• Incentive programmes

• Buy / sell companies

• Restructuring

• Property taxation

2. Tax litigation

• We assist in tax litigations for individuals and their companies

• We have many years of experience in the procedural area

3. International tax advice

• Relocation of pensioners and entrepreneurs

• Internationalization of operations

Stefan Thomsson

Partner and tax advisor

Stefan Thomsson has been working in the tax area since 1990 and since the spring of 2020 provides tax advice from Global Tax Sweden.

Gunnar Billhage

Tax advisor

Gunnar Billhage began his career in the tax area in June 2005 and has been working for Global Tax Sweden since April 2021.

Seminars and information

We expect to hold a number of tax-related seminars in the spring of 2023. Keep an eye on this website.

The tax treaties with both Greece and Portugal are terminated!

The Parliament has said "yes" to the government's proposal to terminate the two tax treaties. Both Greece and Portugal offer people who have moved there tax-favorable treatment of various types of income. By applying the tax treaties, situations are sometimes achieved where the tax burden is 0%, 7%, 10% or slightly higher. This has, from the Swedish side, proved to have the consequence that Sweden has terminated the tax agreements with effect on income from January 1, 2022.

Global Tax Sweden has many years of experience in international tax issues and a well-established international network of contacts.


Pre-Audit, Tax-Audit or Tax Litigation - What do you prefer?

As an entrepreneur, you and your company should take tax advice in good time before the various choices you as an entrepreneur face, as there are usually many aspects in the tax area to consider. This is to avoid a subsequent costly and lengthy tax litigation.

A tax litigation is always costly and takes many years. Hiring a procedurally knowledgeable tax advisor as early as possible usually has a significant impact on the outcome of the tax litigation.

Global Tax Sweden has employees with high competence and many years of experience in Pre-Audits, Tax Audits and Tax Litigations.


The closely held rules, the 3:12 rules, the 57: 4 rules - "many names despite one single matter"

The mentioned regulation constitutes the hub of the Swedish economy, i.e. the tax system that Sweden's entrepreneurs are covered by. The tax burden for entrepreneurs varies between 20% - about 52% tax. In addition, social security contributions or corporation tax are levied. Are you assessed to be taxed as being active or passive? Which of the forms K10 or K12 should you declare on? Is the so-called "outsider rule" applicable? Maybe a so-called passive-company would be something for you to consider?

Global Tax Sweden is well acquainted with this extremely complex regulatory framework, which is largely governed by case law.


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